About The Meth Tester

We Test Gold Coast Homes for Meth Residue, providing the following Services:

  • Working with Home Buyers, Home Sellers and Property Investors

  • Working with Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

  • Helping Renters to ensure their new Property is not Meth Contaminated.

Australia has a serious Methaphetamine problem, and it is getting worse.  Meth Contamination is dangerous to Adults, but even more so to children, especially babies. 
If you are SERIOUS about protecting your family, call Arran on 0404 008 318 now and get Meth Testing arranged if you are .....
About to rent a new property?  Please note that Meth Contamination can linger for years, so you could end up facing charges that you contaminated a property when it was a previous tenant.
If you are a Real Estate Property Manager - Head off the problem before it starts.  If you can assure new tenants that their health is safe because you have had the place drug tested for them, your potential  tenant is impressed from the start. Even more important, regular testing will deter tenants from doing drugs in the property because they know they are going to get caught - and end up footing the bill.
About to buy a property? Once you have signed the contract, you have a serious problem.  Call Arran on 0404 008 318 BEFORE you buy and it becomes someone else's problem. Fixing the problem can be VERY expensive, whereas a simple Meths Test helps you avoid the problem.
Similarly, if you are selling a property, Meths Testing can give you a serious advantage. If you show potential buyers that your house is free of Meths residue - you do 2 things.  First, they feel good about dealing with you.  Second - they start to have doubts about the other properties they have seen.
Buying an INVESTMENT Property?  Do not let your dream become a nightmare! Have it Meth Tested BEFORE you invest - then test it regularly; make sure your tenants foot the bill while you still have their bond!
And whether you are buying, selling or investing - fix the problem while it is small, or even better, non-existent. Cleaning up after the first drug episode is a whole lot cheaper than finding you have a major problem.
Another thing people do not think about is buying a car.  Did the previous occupants do drugs in their car? I would want to check before I purchased, especially as a car is a pretty confined space. Call Arran on 0404 008 318 and we can test the car for drug residue.

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